White Place Farm bed and breakfast and equine livery in Cookham near Maidenhead

Sutton Road, Cookham
Berkshire, SL6 9QZ

Tel 01628 315035 / Mob 07718 660445

Services available at White Place Farm Assisted DIY Livery Yard in Cookham near Maidenhead

White Place Farm is a DIY Yard but morning and evening services can be provided by farm staff or a freelance groom seven days a week.

"Services" do not automatically get covered on Weekends, Christmas, New Year, Easter or on bank holidays, however it is probable that either the Freelance Groom or Farm Staff will be available.

Please note that the Freelance Groom is not employed by White Place Farm and prior to requesting her Services the Indemnity Agreement (available in the DIY Livery License - attachment 3) must be signed by the Proprietor (Licensor), Owner of the Horse/Pony (Licensee) and the Freelance Groom.

Regular Services (Intermittent and Ongoing)

At least 24 hours notice should be given if the following Regular Services are required:

  • Muck/Skip Out
  • Prepare feed
  • Fill hay net and hang in stable
  • Soak haynet
  • Replenish Water
  • Give hay/feed in stable (already prepared)
  • Turn out/Bring in
  • Rug on/off/change
  • Check in field
  • Feed outside field
  • Put on horse walker (charge per 15 minutes and charged double if attended throughout)
  • Farrier Attendance (charge per 15 minutes and charged double if attended throughout)
  • Vet Attendance (charge per 15 minutes and charged double if attended throughout)
  • Pick out feet (Only if horse is in stable or brought out of the field)

Intermittent Regular Services Requests - must be given verbally/by text and written in the diary in the kitchen by the Licensee (Owner/Loaner/Sharer) within the necessary notice period (see below) stating to whom the request is being made.

Ongoing Regular Services Request - must be made on the Ongoing Regular Services Request Form (see attachment 4 of the DIY Livery License) to either the Yard Manager or Freelance Groom and when it changes a new form must be completed.

Irregular Services

Requests for Irregular Services should be given in writing by the Licensee to the Yard Manager or Freelance Groom on the “Irregular Services Request Form” with at least 24 hours notice.

The Irregular Service will only be carried out when either the Yard Manager or Freelance Groom has completely understood the instructions and agreed to carry out the request by signing the request form and advising the Licensee that it has been agreed.