White Place Farm bed and breakfast and equine livery in Cookham near Maidenhead

Sutton Road, Cookham
Berkshire, SL6 9QZ

Tel 01628 315035 / Mob 07718 660445


DIY Livery Prices - April 2017

Stable £167.50/month Stable & grass turn out (hay/haylage must be purchased from the farm when not on 24/7 turn out)
Grazing Only £140.00/month Grass Only
Hay 20p/kilo Users of hay during the summer months can choose to pay for a monthly hay tariff (and pay at the beginning of each month) or can weigh and make a record of hay used daily (and pay at the end of the month.
  £40.00/month One hay net per day of up to 6.5kg (Standard Winter Tariff) The standard winter hay tariff and will be charged even if horse or pony eats less
  £45.00/month One hay net per day of 7.5kg
  £50.00/month Two hay nets totalling 8.5kg
  £55.00/month Two hay nets per day together totalling 10kg
Grazing & Hay £190.00/month In Winter months as soon as grass levels are low, 6.5kg hay per horse will be fed daily by the farm (price includes approx. 33p per day to feed it)
Haylage 25p/kilo Haylage can be ordered throughout the week (via the diary system where you purchase a weight of haylage that suits you in advance and it will be charged for at the end of the month


Additional Fees

Lorry £30.00 per month
Trailer £25.00 per month
Rape Straw Chop £7.50 per bale (inc VAT)
Write order in yard diary on Mondays and Thursdays. Bedding will be delivered to stable on Tuesdays and Fridays
Priced at Countrywide RRP
Any horse feed ordered by noon on Mondays will be delivered and available to collect on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings and invoiced at the beginning of the following month.

Prices vary but are not above Countryside RRP prices
Wormers will be charged for at the beginning of the month following the month in which they were administered.


£1.00 per bath

Regular Services Fees - Provided by the Yard Manager or Freelance Groom

The following fees will be charge retrospectively, for the previous month's services, on the 1st of each month.

Muck out £4.75
Skip out (into bucket outside stable) £2.75
Prepare feed £0.50
Fill haynet and hang £1.25
Fill haynet, soak and pull out and hang to drain £1.75
Fill haynet, soak, pull out, hang to drain then hang in stable £2.25
Replenish water £0.50
Give hay/ feed in stable (already prepared) £0.75
Turn out £2.25
Bring in £2.75
Rug/Boots on/off (per rug/set of boots) £0.75
Check in field £2.50
Bring out of field and pick out feet £3.00
Feed outside field £4.50
Put on horse walker (does not inc bring in or turnout) £2.50 per 20 mins
Farrier/Vet Attendance (does not inc bring in or turn out) £2.50 per ¼ hour
Pick out feet (not in field) £0.50
Quick groom £1.75
Rug on/off in field £2.00
Wash Legs £1.50
Shared Turnout (owners with two horses) £3.25
Shared Bring in (owners with two horses) £3.75
Pooh Picking £2.50 per wheel barrow

* Services Fees - Prices effective 1 April 2017
* Rates may be increased for Holidays and where late requests are received